Mogo Mogo is band comprised of musicians with classical training, and is primarily based on Jarocha music from the leeward southeast region of Veracruz (Los Tuxtlas), although there is African influence as well (particularly from Guinea) thus exploring fusions of these roots with rhythms and melodies of the world. The band was founded about 2012, as a response to the celebrated revival of World Music and, in particular, to the Son Jarocho (typical music of the Veracruz area). While, almost on the verge of extinction, the music begins to bring a light to worldly scenarios.

Fr. 22. Juni
21:00–22:30 – Mogo Mogo in Salon! + LIVE Recording Karl-Heine-Straße 104
Sa. 23. Juni
15:00–17:30 – BOHEY & Tam Tam – Merseburgerstr./ Karl-Heine-Straße -Leipzig
So. 24. Juni
16:00–17:00 KONSTRUKTIVAL – Rosenwerk –  Dresden


The objective of the band is the affirmation of our culture and that music is a universal language. Our objective is the re-birthing of the traditional Jarocho music for younger generations and the re-interpreting of the traditional „Son“ to make it blend with other music. Re-inventing the dynamic of the traditional sound, while respecting certain basic elements of the original, for whomever wants to align with traditional music from Veracruz , is the basic identity approach we try to achieve. However, we are also taking into account the ‚urban modernism‘ and the need to migrate with other music by finding reflections of other cultures and blending them with the new generation of Mexican and Veracruz cultures.

The songs arranged by the group are primarily traditional „Sones“ which have been re-interpreted with the execution of traditional instruments („Son“ guitars, jaranas (a small guitar from Veracruz), horse-jaw and a pallet to perform the traditional zapateado „tap“ from this region); but, they are also comprised of typical dances, transformed by amplified sounds systems and the incorporation of other cultures (such as the“box“ and the balafon) and, partly, modern culture, as in electronic bass and microphones to amplify the voice.

The lyrical message of the „sones“ native to Veracruz, is sung in verse form and depicts actual issues to defend their natural heritage, to preserve their culture, as well as consolidating the traditional, popular lyric. Mogo Mogo currently resides in the city of Tulum, in Quintana Roo which is part of the Caribbean area known as the „Riviera Maya“.


Mogo Mogo is actually the name of a typical dish from the Los Tuxtlas region in the south of Veracruz which has ancestral roots in African and Spanish traditions; its primary ingredients are: Plantain – characteristic of African recipes – and, lard, produced by the pork livestock which was introduced to Mexico during the Spanish Conquest.


lt is primarily a puree comprised of plantain and lard. The band itself carries this name to portray exactly this: A reinterpreted fusion of roots with a third mutable element which is its own tradition, based on the melodies from the past and reinterpreted with its own current characteristics.


Alfonso Paxtián: Voc, Requinto, Horse Jaw (Jijara), Pandero, Tap Dance (Zapateado)

Sirani González: Voc, Jarana (small guitar from Veracruz), Tap Dance (Zapateado)

Carlos Gutiérrez: Cajon and Balafon

Alexandro Mercado: E-Bass

Edgardo García: Voc, Jarana

Ignacio Hernández: Voc, Jarana



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