Projekt „Blick“

We are a group of women artists based in Leipzig with different artistic backgrounds, we would like to share our experiences and views on the objectification of the female body, we feel the need to explore and question the limits of the capitalization of the body. We want to reflect the conflicts we experience around the commercialization of our bodies as women, bringing to light all its personal, social and political impacts. We want to bring this cross-cultural narrative to the stage, igniting awareness and critical reflection on the issue.
Through the use of different dance styles, soprano vocals, electronic music and West African percussion, we will represent this issue in a humorous, beautiful and impactful way.

We are looking for funds to realize our project!

Filipa Portela

Portuguese award-winning soprano, completed her Master of Arts- degree at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland in 2018. In July 2017, she won the first prize at the 19th Estoril Interpretation Competition. Since then, she has given many concerts at various classical music festivals and has performed as a soloist with orchestra in Portugal. Filipa creates her own artistic projects and regularly participates in the concert series „Neues bei Grieg“ in Leipzig, where she collaborates with composers.  Filipa also has experience in vocal improvisation and in other art forms, such as dance, theater (commedia dell’arte, improvisation, clown, among others) and drawing.

Gisela de Paz Solvas

Professional dancer of classical and contemporary dance. Experience in various institutions in Germany, France, Spain and Holland as a dancer, choreographer and teacher. 

Daniela Ciccolini

Dancer and teacher of dance, trained in improvisation, contemporary dance and performance, with professional experience in different dance ensembles and research projects both in Argentina and Germany. She is active as a dance teacher in schools, especially in the socio-cultural field in Leipzig and in international dance-theater projects for young people in Europe.

Claudia Castañeda

Professional dancer, trained in classical and African dance, with professional experience in different dance ensembles, music projects and schools in Germany and Mexico, certified in dance research, dance ritual and dance didactics.   Since 2016, she has been working on dance integration projects with refugee and disadvantaged children in Leipzig.

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